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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  May 20, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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delicate wetlands of louisiana. >> here's what people are talking about. >> worry and uncertainty today as bp admits it grossly underestimates the amount of oil gushing into the gulf. joel brown reports on the disaster as it hits the one- month mark. >> live video of the catastrophe, 5,000 feet below the sea is now available on the computer. bp says it is now containing 200,000 gallons a day. that was the original estimate. but now, they concede that it is more pushing out. and the oil is no longer just lurking in the water. >> for weeks, they were talking about what oil was going to come, what impact it was going to have. let's be keer. patches of heavy oil have
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reached the barrier islands. as far as we can see in either direction, there was a heavy, thick brown oil, almost looking like latex paint had been poured across the beach. >> the big news is the booms are collecting most of the oil. >> we'd rather see it on the sand. it's clearly a lot easier to clean up. once it gets into the marsh, it starts affecting plant life, animal life, and things could start dying. >> and there are also environmental concerns over how bp is breaking apart oil still at sea. now, the government is demanding crews use a less toxic chemical dispersant. joel brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> and you can watch live video of the leak by logging onto, and clicking on the link at the top of our home page. breaking news from philadelphia, where a bomb squad is at the liberty bell,
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investigating a suspicious package. this is a live picture of the scene right now. buildings -- buildings nearby on market street have been evacuated. they say it looks like a balloon with a white powdery substance on it. we'll monitor this situation for you and bring you updates as soon as they become available. another triple-digit tumble today. denise has more on why the month of may has been a stumble. >> stocks take an alarming drop today, as fumes of a recession spike. here's a look at the incomes from watt -- from wall street. dow down 364 points. the s&p off 41 points and the nasdaq down 90. right now, the dow is on track to have its worst month since february 2008. kai? >> denise, thank you. we'll have much more on
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today's wall street action and the rest of today's business news coming up in money watch. killed in a catonsville argument over a bathroom. today, a jury finds 42-year-old benjamin shorter guilty. is the two argued in the bathroom. an autopsy determined that shipler died. just before the assault, they say schiffler played a practical joke. fierce lobbying over the bottle tax has likely killed the plan. mike hellgren has the day at city hall. he has more on the impact. >> reporter: retailers came out strongly against the beverage tax, online, on facebook. it appears the pressure worked. the question now is can they come up with enough additional revenue for what the beverage
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tax would have generated. they now say they will not support a 4-cent tax on bottled beverages like soda and water. it faced fierce opposition from grocers. >> this hurts the lower and middle-income baltimore city residents, who can least afford it. >> everyone drinks soda, which isn't right. i can go a mile away and avoid the tax. >> reporter: the county says this isn't a fight with the mayor, ask they've come up with new fees and taxes, including on big trucks, billboards and video poker machines that they believe will make up for most of the lost revenue. >> they have already been taxed enough. but they'll let us know. >> what i have learned from talking to my colleagues in government is that they are willing to work on solutions with me. >> also raising an energy tax.
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a tax on hospitals and dorm beds. and transportation taxes. increasing garage dax taxes and raising parking fines. >> they've got to come up with solutions. and i'd rather have this than our parking tax again. >> coming up with $64 million by the end of june to fund the system. negotiations are under way. >> stop pushing back against police and fire. when you call us, you need us, we show up. >> testimony has been going on throughout the day, before the budget committee as they debate many of these new taxes and fees. reporting from city hall, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> baltimore faces a $120 million budget deficit. the new taxes and fees will not cover all of that deficit, so
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some cuts in services will be expected. weijia jiang is live in the newsroom with more on the cell phone ban. hi, kai. and hi to everyone. it's an idea that took more than a decade to pass. now, using handheld phones while driving is illegal. drivers will be required to use a hands-free device like a blue tooth on the road. it's a secondary device that means you would have to pull over to get a ticket. any subsequent offense and the fine goes up to 100 bucks. kai? >> the ban goes into effect october 1st. three city 5 fighters are spending the afternoon in the hospital. one firefighter declared a mayday. two other firefighters were hit by debris in the home. all have been treated and
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released. the cause of the fire is under investigation now. the investigation into severely abused farm animals is under way. today, they are getting? assistance. state prison inmates delivered 220 bails of hay from the days inn. the farm is overwhelmed with the horses seized last week. many are also sick. each of the horses costs days end more than $2,000 a month. money is still tight for many people. it appears americans are planning to get away for the memorial day day weekend. triple a says people making bookings for tours. trips by cars are expected to increase. air travel is also expected to
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go up about 2 1/2%, compared to last year. as we get close are to memorial day, it's beginning to feel a lot more like summer. here's a live look outside. it's sunny and warm. a beautiful day. wjz has traffic. meteorologist tim williams has more. and yesterday, we were talking about just how we're going from these extremes, very chill or very warm. >> you know, very happy. >> i can tell you that while the projections are not in for the memorial day just yet. going into the week, things look nice. take a look at first warning live doppler radar. while we don't have anything in our area, except for this. we are looking at a system that is moving in from the west/southwest. that's going to be here by saturday. and i'll bring this on in. actually, i took us out of the loop there. but what we'll see is a storm system moving in. it will affect us for a short
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time. then we'll start to brighten up for the beginning of the week. we'll have your complete updated first warning forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> that satisfies me, thank you. we'll go to sharon gibala gibala. a a bunch of accidents. watch for an accident in randalls town at old court. a pedestrian struck there. an accident on 10 northbound. another in ellicott city. that one is going to be in the r the area of timonium. west saratoga at carey. baker at north monroe. and south mlk. one more at forest drive. two disabled vehicles to talk about on 95.
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both at the toll plaza. slowest spot will be on the northwest side. there is a look at that area this traffic report is brought to you by the cochran firm. call 1-800-the firm. or visit cochran for a free consultation. a 5-year-old 5-year-old boy in handcuffs. his fear is real. the arrest is not. why his mom set up the prank. a south carolina woman is caught going 100 miles an hour. wait until you hear her excuse. and the newest ways and places people are hiding drugs in normal, everyday items. what you need to look for. and it's summertime, as if we didn't tell you already. get your updated first warning forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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breaking news now out of west memphis, arkansas, where two police officers have been shot and killed. officer brandon powders powders and evans. police surrounded a wal-mart in the area, where two other officers were also shot. two suspects have been taken into custody. no word on what sparked the shooting. octuplets' mom, nadia suleman revealed a ban outside of her home. people for the ethical treatment of animals of peta is paying suleman $5,000 to display the sign on her lehab ra, california home. the sign read, don't let your dog or cat become an octomom, always spay or neuter, peta.
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a south carolina woman is taken into custody after being caught driving speeds of up to 100 miles per hour. sandra powell's family were surprised to hear that. police say she fishtailed another person. listen closely as she explains to the officer why she was going so fast. >> do you know howchtd you were going -- how fast you were going? >> yes. >> how fast? >> 100 miles an hour. >> what happened? >> i was on my way to get my hair cut, and i went the wrong direction. and i am running late. >> afterward, the family took her to make sure she isn't becoming disoriented and there's not more going on. a 5-year-old son in a make- believe arrest. christina hernandez says, the boy was screaming while being handcuffed outside a
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convenience store. a 5-year-old boy is cuffed and put this a cruiser. his mom says she asked a friend at the sheriff's office to teach him a lesson. >> i hope it scared him to figure out that he's not going to play with matches or lighters again. that was the whole point of it, was to make him afraid that he was going to go to jail. >> but it happened in public. one woman is very upset about what she saw and how the deputy was talking to the boy. >> you want to go to jail? you want to go to jail? and the little boy is just crying. and -- i'm sorry. [ crying ] >> i've been crying since i saw this. >> heidi is a mother and says she would never parent like this, no matter what her kids did wrong. child psychiatrist omar richie agrees the discipline was just too much. >> no matter what the details are, when you see that picture, it says so much. the age in which this is being done is inappropriate. so it's misguided. >> reporter: but the boy's mother says she would do it
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again. >> if more parents did what i did, we wouldn't have crime that we have now. >> reporter: witnesses say after being cuffed, thrown in the car, and got a talking to, the boy was free to go. his mom says he learned has lesson. >> i saw fit that he needed to be scared. >> reporter: but others argue -- >> it went too far. >> reporter: the local sheriff's office says a deputy doing this is not part of their protocol and said it will not happen again. >> as we mentioneddast the top of the -- mention at the top of the show, not a good day on wall street. here's a look at the closing numbers. even lower than we showed you before. s&p off 43. nasdaq down 94. let's go to new york now, where farnoosh torabi has tonight's cbs money watch update. stocks drove down on wall street. investors say the euro losing value. and they are worried it will hurt the performance. inspect greece, workers protest
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the government's plan to cut salaries and pension. the greek government resolves to suspend this. the number filing weekly jobless claims. the labor department said it received 25,000 more applications in the first increase in five weeks, as the labor market continues to struggle. toilet says it -- toyota says it will recall its 2010 lexus sedan. it stays there is a problem with the car's computerized steering wheel. the recall involves 3800 vehicles in the u.s. and 4500 in japan. more banks in the u.s. are struggling, even as the overall industry recovers. the number on the controversial problem list, jumped to 775 in march. that's up to around 700, during the same time last year. many of these banks are small and they're facing a growing number of loan defaults.
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still, the industry is making improvements, thanks to posted profits, last quarter, up from just $5 billion during the same period last year. for more news, log onto cbs money at the new york stock exchange, i'm farnoosh torabi. an aviation school is now the only one to have its very own commercial plane. took hours to have the md airlines. it's just to the george t. baker school. an american airlines crewmember was in the cockpit at the time, just in case emergency brakes were needed as the plane moved. >> interesting. >> absolutely. >> very cool. i guess a good way to learn. >> get my pilot's license. taxi around. coming up on eyewitness news at 4:00. shocking admission, pro cyclist floyd landis stripped for
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doping. always denied cheating until now. what he's now saying about lance armstrong. warmup under way. tim williams has our first warning weather forecast. wjz is always on. for the top stories, instant updates and first warning weather all the time, click ,,,, [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] achievement has its own patch of grass. ♪ achievement unleashes hidden potential. ♪
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it is just an absolutely beautiful thursday afternoon out there. >> it really is. if you're just getting to maryland, it's like this every single day. >> every day. >> what is the thought of a person who flies here to go on a cruise out of the port of baltimore and it's like this here. >> you want to stay. >> put the cruise aside. we're looking at a very nice day shaping up much like tomorrow will be. we'll enjoy this while it lasts. the weekend will be a little iffy. there's a bright side. 82 degrees at b wi marshall. dew point very low. 29% relative humidity. winds to the east. kicking them into our direction.
4:24 pm
in the northeasterly flow, keeping us just a little cool. had a flow from the southwest. and of course our temperatures would soar. right now, we're pretty comfortable going into this afternoon, with 30.00. temperatures around that 82- degree mark around most of the area. what we're looking at is basically just -- as a matter of fact, i'll kind of step out here and show you. what we're looking at is basically a forecast with temperatures very summer like for the most part. we're at 78 in elkton. we're looking at 67 in ocean city. 5-mile-per-hour wind at the airport. and we'll see temperatures reflecting a bit. what we're going to be paying attention to, however, is this low-pressure system. very strong system, moving across the southern plains, across texas and into the mid- atlantic. we'll see the clouds ahead of it this afternoon. and then we'll see the rain possibly saturday afternoon, scattered into sunday afternoon before we start to see some clearing. high pressure eases off shore.
4:25 pm
the low makes its approach. and then there is a bright side. that low hangs around for a short time. and by saturday evening, we start to see clearing. and then we'll see sunshine. next high tide at fort mchenry is at 6:16. and sit at 8:18. tomorrow, 83, nice and warm with sun mixing with clouds. i think it is a day to maybe try out the first snowball of the season. what do you think? >> that's a good idea. saw a couple around. >> i always like the -- not karma. egg custard. thank you, tim. goodness. thank you. i need you. don't miss the dramatic season finale of mentalist. alt 10:00 tonight. and wjz's eyewitness news at 11:00. katie couric has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. last year, our exclusive
4:26 pm
investigation questioned why thousands of rape kits have never been tested for evidence. now, members of congress are asking their own question. what's being done to change the system? tonight only on the cbs evening news. lpga golfer mourned. the latest on the mysterious death of erica blackberg. presidential state dinner. the episode involving the white house and again, the infamous party crashers. surprising student comment. what a young maryland girl said to the first lady and whether she got her family in trouble. eyewitness news at 4:00 continues with denise and vic after this. ,,,, woohoo!
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it is 4:29. 82 degrees. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm vic carter. >> here's what people are talking about.
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>> mexican police felipe calderon made his case for immigration reform. it's just one day after calderon's wife, and first lady michelle obama touched on the issue when they least expected it. >> when first lady michelle obama and first lady marguerite calderon went to the elementary school, they ended up discussing the debate over immigration. >> i think she said that barack obama is taking everybody away that doesn't have papers. >> well, that's something we have to work on, right? to make sure that people can be here with the right kind of papers, right? that's exactly right. >> but my mom doesn't have papers. >> reporter: one day later, president felipe calderon took the debate for immigration reform directly to congress. presidents calderon and obama
4:31 pm
discussed the immigration debate privately. >> president obama says he also has concerns about the law. he adds, states will continue to pass tough laws, unless congress approves immigration reform. he is pushing a plan that would boost border security and provide a path to citizenship for people who are here illegally. but right now, the votes for reform just aren't there. and polls show a majority of americans back arizona's tough new law. in new york, kathryn brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> immigrations and customs enforcement agents say they have no plans to go after the little girl and her family. they prioritize their investigations, they say, and go after criminal aliens who go after -- who are a threat to citizens.
4:32 pm
immigrations violations. kai is in the newsroom with details. investigators believe the two men funneled the money to bombing suspect faisal shahzad. a lawyer for the men told the judge today that his client his never heard of shahzad until they were arrested. but a search turned up shahzad's name and phone number. but they say the suspects were all targeted because they all booked similar travel leading up to the bomb attempt. immigration authorities want to hold on while the investigation continues. denise? >> thank you, kai. faisal shahzad is facing five felony charges in connection with the bombing attempt and the has reportedly been talking to the fbi. >> police want to identify a woman who may be connected to four other killings. police say they're looking for a link between this case and two other unsolved homicides in western maryland in the 1980s.
4:33 pm
those investigations were reopened, when police interrogated a pennsylvania man last month after he was charged with the murder of a hagerstown woman. the investigation continued today after a mysterious death of pro golfer erica blacksburg. family and friends celebrated her life yesterday. at a memorial service in her own hometown. erica blacksburg was once a promising star on the women's professional golf tour. now, family and friends are grieving her mysterious death. and remembering a compassionate competitor with a playful side. >> she had fun. bounced around the golf course. >> shoo had a laugh -- she had a laugh about her that was very contagious. watching her laugh brought joy to everyone else. >> those who knew her were shocked. police are investigating but have released no information on how she died. the information vacuum has been fueled by speculation, ranging from foul play to suicide.
4:34 pm
what is known is that she had her bags packed for a tournament and a 911 call was placed from her home. blasberg got her startaza i standout from the university of arizona. this interview from 2002 showed how much joy the game brought her. >> being out here, with all of these ladies i've always looked up to. and said, wow, i'd like to be like that. and here i am. >> but recently, she is struggling with a career low. earning just $26,000. her father said it was the worst year of her career. an autopsy will be performed. her golf bag sits quietly. >> erica blasberg was buried in her hometown of corona, california. disgraced tour de france winner, floyd landis, now
4:35 pm
admits that he took performance- enhancing drugs, and he points a finger at the world's number 1 cyclist. >> the accusations came to world cycling officials. in those e-mails, landis admitted to using a blood booster to increase his endurance, testosterone and blood levels. he said that he and armstrong also talked about getting blood transfusions to flush evidence of their doping out of their system. armstrong denies the allegations. landis was stripped of his tour de france victory after testing positive for performance- enhancing drugs. denise, back to you. >> landis is reportedly working with the u.s. anti-doping agency and says he wants to clear his conscience. an alarming trend among teens. youngsters are using household items to hide drugs, transport them to school. in some cases, buy and sell
4:36 pm
prescription medication to other students. >> it's no ordinary can of soda. >> it comes loose. and in here, we have some marijuana. >> reporter: a bottle of water is healthy for your kids. right? >> the water bottle comes apart. and inside of it, we have prescription drugs. >> oh. i am flabbergasted. i really am. >> reporter: we showed the drug containers to some stunned parents. >> it's frightening. this is really scary. >> reporter: according to the d.e.a., teenagers are using these common household items to transport their drugs, including a chapstick that doubles as a pipe. >> once you open it up, it's a mechanism that is used to smoke marijuana. >> inside this lipstick container, another marijuana pipe. even a hi-liter pen isn't just for homework anymore. >> trying to stay one step
4:37 pm
ahead of your child isn't easy. >> a can of beer easily hides rocks of cotain. this can of dog food conceals a large stash of bills. -- pills. >> it's amazing. but it's amazing what kids come up with. it's like if there is a will, there is a way. >> even when my son was growing up, i don't remember anything like this. >> reporter: in most households, prescriptions are stored in unlocked, easily- accessible medicine cabinets, providing a treasure trove of pills for your child. and that's given way to so- called farm parties, where teens dump random pills into a bowl to be shared at the door. >> everyone takes a pill. now, you have no idea what pill you're taking. and kids are going to bed and never waking up. just as alarming, 22 in five teenagers believes there is nothing wrong with taking
4:38 pm
prescription drugs. >> carroll county police. investigators say residents say they heard loud banging around 3:00 this morning. more than 50 mailboxes were broken, dented or destroyed. totaling several thousand dollars. >> the rain and the clouds are gone. and outside it is sunny and warm. wjz has weather and traffic together. bob is here now with the updated numbers from first warning weather. >> a complete turnaround for monday, tuesday, and most of wednesday. temperatures, back up in the low 80s, which is actually above normal. normal high is around 75 now. around the region, beautiful, clear skies. for the time being, tomorrow, another great-looking day. by late in the day saturday, probably saturday night. some of this moisture is headed toward cleveland. looking to be kind of in between that. looking at widely scattered showers later on saturday night
4:39 pm
and probably again on sunday. along with mild temperatures. tomorrow, into the end of the week, gorgeous. >> let's check on the roads now with sharon gibala at wjz traffic control. hello, sharon. >> good afternoon, everyone. still very busy on the roadways, unfortunately, this afternoon. we have a lot of accidents to talk about. we cleared the ones on the jfx. but we still have this one on the northbound lanes in pleasant street. another in gwen oaks security boulevard. another in ellicott city. rogers avenue at town and country boulevard. accidents in the city include wabash. baker at north moravia. and one more on fourth. plaza at forest drive. meanwhile, there's a look at your drive times. slowest spot is the northwest side, between 795 and 83. a 22-minute ride there, with a 20-mile average.
4:40 pm
there's a look at 95 there, no delays there. a little sluggish there on the inner loop. back over to you. a single-mashed intruder. pulls off what is believed to be one of the biggest art heists ever. someone stole more than $600 million worth of famous paintings from a gallery near the eiffel tower. >> reporter: the sign says paris museum of modern art is closed for technical reasons. $600 million worth of paintings are gone. police say a masked intruder stole five works of art in a daring heist, including masterpieces by picasso and robert post. >> the deputy mayor of paris called it a grave crime, saying important works by major painters must be found.
4:41 pm
authorities say the paintings appear to have been carefully removed from their frames, not sliced out. a museum director calls the thief a fool, saying no collector would be stupid enough to buy one of the stolen paintings and an international search is under way. charlie d'agata, wjz eyewitness news. the museum's alarm system had been broken since march 30th while replacement parks were being worked. we have breaking news right now. we're going to go to sky eye chopper 13. >> it's actually 21st and st. paul in north baltimore. apparently a head-on collision between two vehicles has resulted in one vehicle after the collision, colliding with a fenced area and a house on the corner of 21st and st. paul. it came out as a rescue. so they're working this one vehicle, persons were extricated from the other vehicle you're looking at. firefightert still working. -- fighters still working.
4:42 pm
police have closed one lane southbound. and you'll see the investigation will continue for sometime. >> thank you, captain mike perry. straight ahead on eyewitness news at 4:00. rising water raises some europeans to the roofs for safety. sense us workers with an alias. how a new jersey woman got convicted. >> the weekend is here. bob is updating your first warning weather forecast. ,,,,
4:43 pm
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flooding in southern poland has killed at least five people, and officials closed the auschwitz memorial site. heavy rains have caused flooding. this video shows just one rescue conducted by crews. thousands have been forced to leave their homes. rail travel has also been paralyzed, rendering some areas unreach adding. >> a sentence worker with a criminal past going door to door. weijia jiang is going live with more on what the man stands
4:46 pm
accused of doing. >> a registered sex offender used a fake name to get a job for a sense us worker. she said her instincts kicked in. suddenly she remembered she recognized him not from the neighborhood but from the megan's law sex offender website. they say that he was interviewed but not fingerprinted before. three american hikers in iran have been briefly held. the three were accused of crossing the iraqi border to spy. >> reporter: proof at last that after 9 1/2 months' wait, their children are alive, and apparently well. iranian state television filmed the emotional reunion for broadcast around the world. this visit was also -- always
4:47 pm
going to be a public spectacle. and the mothers, aware of the stakes, stayed firmly on message. >> gratitude is the biggest word. gratitude to the iranian authorities, to mr. mutacky, to allow us to come visit our children. >> a a press conference, the young american hikers brought from a luxury hotel, spoke of their imprisonment. >> our treatment is good. it's difficult being alone. shane and josh are in the room together. but i'm alone. and that's the most difficult thing for me. >> reporter: sarah, shane and josh, were hiking last july, near an iraqi wawts fall -- waterfall, close to the border with iran. iranian guards arrested them, saying they crossed the border. it's a charge they deny. so far, no court date has been set. >> we try to stay out of the politics. because we're just mothers who
4:48 pm
miss our children, like any mother would, anywhere in the world. >> but there's no way around it. with the u.s. pushing for harsher sanctioning against iran, the three americans appear to be political pawns on the world stage. elizabeth palmer, cbs news. >> the mothers plan to stay in iran for a week, during which time they hope to meet with officials involved in the case. a judge has issued a warrant for the arrest of actress lindsay lohan. it was issued after she missed a mandatory probation hearing. her attorney said that her passport was stolen at the caan film festival and she was unable to return to the u.s. president obama was helding -- holding his second state dinner. their driver was ticketed for running a red light and signaling a return at a restricted area. the salahis are still under investigation for talking their
4:49 pm
way into the president's first state dinner without an invitation. moving science forward faster. cbs, along with two other major broadcast networks will join forces again in the name of cancer research. stand up to cancer will be simulcast on the other net works. the first fundraiser, brought in more than $100 million they will host the hour-long show, which will feature the hours long sports stars. wjz is a proud sponsor of sunday's maryland half marathon. it will benefit the university of maryland marlene and stewart greenebaum. and if you're going to do it, i hope you've been training. >> i hope so, too. straight ahead on wjz eyewitness news at 4:00. feels like summertime. >> bob turk has your updated first warning forecast after this,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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what a beautiful afternoon it is. great day to get oitdz and enjoy. >> no charge for that, vic. i wanted to say thank you to the lovely folks at the baptist church. spoke to those ladies and gentlemen, this afternoon. and had a really, really nice time. let's look around the region now. 82. humidity only 29%. dew point in the summer, this would be fantastic. 47 is very low. northeast winds at 5. barometer, 30 inches set there. barometer on the wall. put that little needle and watch it rise or fall, technically, when it starts falling. usually means maybe some cloudy or rainy weather. when it starts rising, usually means better, dryer weather headed our way. 82 here. 73 in oakland. 81 in cumberland. and the cooler waters, temperatures keeping it 77, 77. ocean city. there you go. 67.
4:54 pm
the winds gist -- just enough off the ocean to keep it quite a bit cooler. there you see it. southeast wind at 7. not really a major factor. this area of low pressure that has been spinning out here over oklahoma with all of those tornadoes they have been seeing. and severe weather over portions of missouri and southwestern illinois. the bulk of this energy is heading toward chicago. northern michigan. the southern section of this is heading across the tennessee valley. i think we're going to be kind of stuck in between, which is a good thing, i guess. because we have a lot of stuff going on this weekend, i'm sure. looks like the bulk of the energy passes to our south or to our northwest. late saturday night, maybe a scattered shower, can make it across the mountains. but i do think tomorrow, mostly sunny skies. clouds coming later in the afternoon. and tomorrow night, a few clouds. saturday, let's call it partly sunny. a little cooler, with winds coming back off the ocean. and saturday night, perhaps a scattered shower, maybe isolated shower. and maybe sunday, high pressure
4:55 pm
keeps this stuff for the most part to our west, long enough to keep us dry for the bulk of the weekend. some of that moisture going north. some going south. yes, i think we'll see scattered showers. not a big deal at this time. unless something develops off the coast, which is a slight chance, very slight chance. i'm looking at maybe a few showers late saturday night. east winds on the bay, 5 knots. forecast for tonight. really pleasant. 54 overnight, which is just about normal. tomorrow, lots of sun, a few clouds in the afternoon. a little warmer than today. 83, beautiful end to the week. >> all right. thank you, bob. still to come on eyewitness news tonight. down the drain, the beverage tax is history. but what will city councilmembers come up with to replace it and stop cuts to replace it and stop cuts to essential city services? [ female announcer ] it's time to raise the bar
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coming up on wjz eyewitness news at 5:00 a bottle tax that fizzled. what they are doing to replace it. wjz is live with more on the numbers. i'm mike schuh, in northeast maryland. the family of the three young children who died in a fire don't have the money needed to bury them. what they're doing about it when eyewitness news continues. tests for improvement. what an independent exam shows about baltimore city students. i'm just ahead. the details ahead. check in for more on these stories and all the day's breaking news. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 starts now.
4:59 pm
hi, everybody. i'm kai jackson. >> and i'm mary but bal a. we're following breaking -- bubala. we're following breaking news right now. captain mike perry is up with more for us on a person who was hit. >> we're at milford mill road and liberty area. this is where an adult male was struck, passenger while attempting to cross the roadway. a significant amount of damage to the vehicle here. the driver did remain at the scene. you can see, paramedics do have liberty road closed, just north of milford mill road. you can expect delays in the area. as this investigation is likely to continue. there is no word on the condition of the victim who will likely be transported to the hospital. our other top tonight. -- top story ni


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